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Generated image of the artwork: Puli murpu (Mountain range)

Puli murpu (Mountain range) 2011

This painting depicts the Musgrave Ranges behind Amata, where the artists live. The dark areas are the mountains seen from the side and above; the blue areas in the middle are kapi tjukula (rock holes) where water collects after rain; and the frondlike elements at the edge of the rock holes are ultukunpa (grevillea juncifolia), a shrub that grows six metres high. Ultukunpa is one of the most common of the edible ‘honey plants’ of this area and its tjuratja wama (nectar) can be sucked directly from the orange-coloured kaliny-kalinypa (flowerheads). Tjuratja wama can also be soaked in water to make a sweet drink.

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