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Generated image of the artwork: (Blossom jar)

(Blossom jar) c.1979

Peter Rushforth (1920–2015) was a committed and inspiring teacher at the National Art School, Sydney, where he went on to lead the ceramics department. His pots commanded great respect from other potters and his students. His course became the most respected in the country; each year, more than 200 students would apply for one of only 18 available places. Rushforth believed that his students should first learn to make useful pots, which, for him, was the basis of the craft. Should a later interest in non-functional or sculptural ceramics develop, the previously mastered techniques would stand the student in good stead. Drawn to Japanese ceramics and after direct contact with Japanese potters and traditions on a visit in 1963, Rushforth’s own works became freer and more spontaneous. (Blossom jar) c.1979 is a beautiful example. The upside-down firing creates a serendipitous effect.

Michael Hawker, Artlines, no.2, 2018, p.56.