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Accession No. Artwork Title Date
2000.062 '1987'
1987.083 'Canobie', North Queensland (from 'Stockyard' series)
1991.108 'Dan' galloping, saddled (plate 634 from 'Animal locomotion' series)
1:0054 'Destined for the glitter of the Supper Table, yet dreaming of sweeter sacrifice.'
2002.097 'Don't go kissing at the garden gate'(1) (from the sub-series 'Colour b(l)ind', from 'In my Father's house' series)
1995.01 'Glengallan' sideboard
2000.119 'Mourn' hand object
2002.096 'Oh yes, I remember that now, he said' (from the sub-series 'Colour b(l)ind', from 'In my Father's house' series)
2000.186 'Te Waiherehere', Koroniti, Wanganui River, 29 May 1986
1994.28 'The Boy Friend' (from 'Music hall' series)
1990.111 'The Forty-seven Ronin' - veneration at the lord's tomb
1984.033 (A bend in the stream, with a village at the foot of a mountain) -
1996.269 (A prostitute playing Russian billiards, Boulevard Rochechouart, Montmartre) -
1995.091 (Abstract)
2005.16 (Adam and Eve) (Fala su'i (Mat))
2010.147.008a (Ainu elders, Yezu, Hokkaido) (from 'Japan' album) -
2:1566 (All Saints Church, Ann Street, Brisbane)
2009.212.018 (Alluvial gold mining) (no. 18 from 'Images of Queensland' series) -
1998.168b (Ambulatory, St. John's Cathedral, Brisbane) -
2:0431A (Architect's drawing of Exhibition Building, Gregory Terrace) -
1991.253a-d (Artwork for 'Rock against Petersen')
1:0980b (Baby's head)
1993.024 (Barney's Lake, east of Kalpower)
2008.222 (Barrier Reef)
2017.339 (Bearded man with spectacles and Masonic insignia around neck) -
2017.338 (Bearded man) -
2004.007 (Beautiful ... deadly ... sexist ... pornographic ...)
1992.202 (Beauty on parade) -
2017.384 (Blossom jar) -
2002.064 (Blue mountains in background)
2005.116 (Boats on the Brisbane River)
2002.071 (Bottom lake at Kalpower)
2:1605 (Breaking wave) (reprint) (from 'Hokusai Manga') -
1984.056.002a (Bridge scene) (from a European sketch book)
2010.564a (Brisbane building under construction)
1998.165 (Brisbane Central Technical College) -
2010.559a (Brisbane hospital)
2004.195 (Brisbane panorama)
2006.019 (Brisbane River, Indooroopilly) -
2010.147.001b (Buddhist priests) (from 'Japan' album) -
2010.147.011b (Buddhist priests) (from 'Japan' album) -
1:0903J (Bush landscape)
2005.295 (Candle painting)
1993.025 (Cape Melville lava rocks)
2016.302 (Carnival motif) -
2002.133 (Cattle and creek)
1983.104 (Cèzannesque village landscape) -
1993.429 (Child's head)
1983.092 (Church interior with female figure) -
1998.163a (Church pulpit, St. Brigid's, Red Hill and fragmentary sketches of church interior) -
2009.212.010 (Cleared scrub land - Banks Mary River) (no. 10 from 'Images of Queensland' series) -
2002.16 (Coal wharves, South Brisbane)
2010.028 (Coastal landscape)
2010.147.016a (Confectionary shop) (from 'Japan' album) -
2005.167 (Construction of Story Bridge, Brisbane)
2010.563 (Corner of Albert and Elizabeth Streets, looking east towards St Stephen's Cathedral)
2:1024A.006 (Country road with house and trees)
1992.199 (Courtesan with harp) -
2:0528 (Cover from 'The Australian sketchbook')
2010.147.017a (Curios shop) (from 'Japan' album) -
2010.567 (Customs House from Kangaroo Point)
2010.147.002a (Daimyo lord with bodyguards) (from 'Japan' album) -
1986.028.001 (Dante study) -
1986.028.002 (Dante study) -
1986.029.006 (Design for a fan)
1997.121 (Design for a fan)
1998.167 (Detail of Supreme Court, Brisbane and tree) -
2:1562.004 (Drawing for bookplate design (Death with book))
2:1562.003 (Drawing for bookplate design (drinking fountain))
2:1562.005 (Drawing for bookplate design (Ex-Libris))
2:1562.007 (Drawing for bookplate design (Tattie Sheldon))
2:1562.006 (Drawing for bookplate design (Tea-table and billy))
2:1562.001 (Drawing for bookplate design)
2:1562.002 (Drawing for bookplate design)
1999.021b (Drawing of model) -
2010.568 (Dray horses in Eagle Street)
2005.057 (Duck hunt) -
1983.071 (Dutch canal scene)
1993.027 (Eastward from Bathurst Head)
2003.07 (Emu and chicks)
1999.022b (Emus) -
1999.046 (Farmhouse with fields) -
2018.007 (Feeding the pigs) -
2:1024A.003 (Figure fishing from a pier)
1998.053 (Figures on a jetty) -
2010.147.017b (Fish market) (from 'Japan' album) -
1999.188 (Flying cloud) -
2010.147.002b (Food seller) (from 'Japan' album) -
2017.329 (Four beautiful sisters) -
2017.33 (Four beautiful sisters) -
2002.068 (Four landscape sketches)
2009.212.012 (Free selector's slab hut) (no. 12 from 'Images of Queensland' series) -
1991.099 (French mistress of a German soldier being marched through a French town)
1998.164b (Garden sketches) -
1:0976 (Gecko) -
2010.147.009b (Geisha "taking her toilet") (from 'Japan' album) -
2010.147.015b (Geisha disrobed) (from 'Japan' album) -
2010.147.011a (Geisha fashions) (from 'Japan' album) -
2010.147.016b (Geisha on yakatabune (pleasure boat)) (from 'Japan' album) -
2010.147.001a (Geisha performers) (from 'Japan' album) -