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Accession No. Artwork Title Date
1990.32 Aboriginal protest gathering (from 'Portraits' series) -
1:0276 Aboriginal still life
2012.26 Aboriginal, Coopers Creek, Queensland -
2012.539 Accent - blue
2005.234 Accession books (from 'Saved by science' series)
2007.168.010 Acetylene muffle (from 'Pond' series)
2:0292F Acetylene welder (from the set 'Building aircraft', in 'The efforts', the first part of 'The Great War: Britain's efforts and ideals shown in a series of lithographic prints' series)
2011.009a-eeee Across the sea of dust and fluttering dragonflies
1990.207.005 Actor Ichikawa Danjuro (no. 5 from incomplete set of 25 reprints)
1990.207.012 Actor Ichikawa Komazo as Shiga Daishichi (no. 12 from incomplete set of 25 reprints)
1990.207.016 Actor Kinokuni-ya Tosshi (no. 16 from incomplete set of 25 reprints)
1990.206.020 Actor Nakamura Nakazo (no. 20 from a set of twenty-five reprints)
1997.23 Actor Nakamura Shikan
1990.207.009 Actor Nakamura Tomijuro in 'Musume Dojoji' (no. 9 from incomplete set of 25 reprints)
1990.206.015 Actor Otani Oniji as Edohei (no. 15 from a set of twenty-five reprints)
1990.206.005 Actor Sanogawa Ichimatsu as puppet player (no. 5 from a set of twenty-five reprints)
1997.232 Actor Segawa Kikunojo
1997.231 Actor Shikan as the red-wigged Tomoemon reflected in a mirror -
1997.238 Actor Sojouro III -
1992.217 Actor with fire-fly cage -
1990.207.011 Actors Arashi Sangoro II and Segawa Kikunojo III (no. 11 from incomplete set of 25 reprints)
1990.206.010 Actors Segawa Kikunojo II and Ichikawa Yaozo II (no. 10 from a set of twenty-five reprints)
2004.128a-c Acts II
1996.065 Ada meriam di muka ku (There is a cannon on my face)
2010.577 Adam and Eve -
2004.126.002 Adbhuta (Wonderment) (from 'The Navarasa suite' from the 'Bombay Photo Studio' series) -
2012.112 Adelaide Street looking east with apse of St John’s Cathedral -
1996.292 Adèle préparant le tub et Ketty aux bras levés (Adele prepares the bath and Ketty has arms raised)
2007.294 Adolescence II
2011.235 Adolf
camera John Elliott
1995.226 Adoration of the Magi
2005.203.001-010 Adventure series
2019.093 Advertising boomerang
1983.081 Aeroplane
2011.346a-c Aerosol Coca-Cola
2005.235 African lion (Panthera leo) (from 'Saved by science' series)
2015.059 After Cyclone Evan, Lelata (from 'Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?' series)
1999.134a-c After Mt Meru: White tara, Shakyamuni, Mt Meru
1985.027.003 Afternoon landscape, Homebush
2005.002a-b Afternoon storm, Brisbane
2003.004 Afterthought series 2 #6
2003.082 Afterthoughts
2005.214 Agaaga
1990.265 Aged dancer
2015.058 Agelu I Tausi Catholic Church After Cyclone Evan, Mulivai Safata (from 'Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?' series)
2013.186 Agripeta
2005.338 AIDS Series/Geisha and Ghost Cat -
2009.073.008 air gets into everything even nothing (from 'Poems' portfolio)
2003.178.005 Airlock - weighted with steel rails. Pier construction on north bank of River Brisbane (sic) -
1991.301.004 Akasa-bhumi (from 'Shambala' portfolio)
1991.301.009 Akasa-devaloka (from 'Shambala' portfolio)
1993.399 Ako ay Babae, Ako ay Pilipina (I am woman, I am Filipina) (from 'Cards of life - Women's series')
2000.071 Aladdin -
2000.07 Aladdin - 2
2004.161r Alan and Mother." Brisbane. 1981. (from 'About my mother' portfolio)
2003.15 Albert and Rex painting
2015.011 Albert and Vincent
2:0463.005 Albert Namatjira (from 'Linocuts Counihan '59' portfolio)
2013.122a-d Albert Namatjira - Traditional Morph (series)
2015.002.009 Albert Namatjira becoming an Australian Citizen (from 'Albert's Story' series)
2015.002.001 Albert Namatjira being initiated in the bush (from 'Albert's Story' series)
2015.002.010 Albert Namatjira convicted of supplying alcohol - long finger of the law (from 'Albert's Story' series)
2015.002.013 Albert Namatjira dies in hospital, broken heart (from 'Albert's Story' series)
2019.183a-b Albert Namatjira droving
2015.002.011 Albert Namatjira hurts his hand (from 'Albert's Story' series)
2015.002.012 Albert Namatjira in prison and then released (from 'Albert's Story' series)
2015.002.008 Albert Namatjira in Sydney - Yeah! (from 'Albert's Story' series)
2015.002.005 Albert Namatjira is out Namatjira camp to reconnect with the land (from 'Albert's Story' series)
2015.002.003 Albert Namatjira painting with Rex Battarbee (from 'Albert's Story' series)
2015.002.006 Albert Namatjira receiving Coronation Medal from Her Majesty (from 'Albert's Story' series)
2015.002.002 Albert Namatjira selling artefacts to policemen (from 'Albert's Story' series)
2015.002.004 Albert Namatjira's first solo exhibition in Melbourne (from 'Albert's Story' series)
2005.236 Albertosaurus dinosaur head (from 'Saved by science' series)
1:1793 Albion Pottery kiln
2003.176 Album of battles of the Genpei War -
1991.312 Alfred de Vigny
1:1111 Alfred James Lutwyche -
2:0176 Alfred, Lord Tennyson, Poet Laureate
2008.306 Alice Bayke
2001.128 Alienation
2008.116.005 Alisi Hooper (from 'Liliu' series)
2008.116.002 Alisi Vecsey (from 'Liliu' series)
2006.264 All Blacks
2000.052a-g All mind/no mind 1-7 (portfolio)
2:0808 All Saints, Wickham Terrace
1:0857 Allamandas I -
1987.166.024 Allan Shannon, artist, Yandina (from 'Journeys north' portfolio) -
1987.172.024 Allan Shannon, artist, Yandina (from 'Journeys north' portfolio) -
1990.232.008 Allegorical painting (from 'Works from the People's Republic of Spiritual Revolution' series)
2:1341 Allegorie (no. 1 from 'Amour' suite) -
1994.042 Allegro serata
2012.14 Alley, 11.15am (from 'The Fitzroy Series')
1:0939 Alpha Creek at Rainmore, the eve of our first night's camping in the bush
1:0986 Alpha stockyard, the Coacher, the Colt and Carl
2006.078a-j Already been in a lake of fire -
1987.162.025 Aluminium refinery, Gladstone (from 'Journeys north' portfolio)
1987.162.026 Aluminium refinery, Gladstone (from 'Journeys north' portfolio)
1987.162.029 Aluminium refinery, Gladstone (from 'Journeys north' portfolio)
1987.162.032 Aluminium refinery, Gladstone (from 'Journeys north' portfolio)
1987.168.025 Aluminium refinery, Gladstone (from 'Journeys north' portfolio)