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Accession No. Artwork Title Date
2008.365 Atingting (slit drum)
2008.364 Atingting rom (slit drum)
2007.078 Atlantic Ocean (morning effect) 7-14-02
2010.488a-ff Atlas Geographique
Atlas procession II
2:0510 Attack on store dray (from 'The Australian sketchbook')
2:0518 Attacking the mail (Bushranging, NSW, 1864) (from 'The Australian sketchbook')
2011.312 Au (sago pot)
2011.311 Au (sago pot)
2000.143 Aubade
2008.043.065 Auckland (Ball) (from 'The Homely' series 1997-2000)
2008.043.064 Auckland (Bookshelf) (from 'The Homely' series 1997-2000)
2008.043.009 Auckland (Corridor) (from 'The Homely' series 1997-2000)
2008.043.016 Auckland (Door) (from 'The Homely' series 1997-2000)
2008.043.003 Auckland (Model) (from 'The Homely' series 1997-2000)
2008.043.062 Auckland (Mount Eden) (from 'The Homely' series 1997-2000)
2008.043.039 Auckland (One Tree Hill) (from 'The Homely' series 1997-2000)
2008.043.060 Auckland (Vase) (from 'The Homely' series 1997-2000)
1997.245 August: Somezono watching the moon over Shinagawa Harbor (from 'Pride of Tokyo's twelve months' series)
2004.161a Aunt Bessie and my Mother." Cairns. 1930. Photographer unknown. (from 'About my mother' portfolio)
2012.45 Aurophobia - the fear of gold
1:0660 Aurora
2002.092 Aussie, Aussie, Aussie
1991.129 Australian landscape III
2018.115.019 Australian man (from 'Mid Century Modern' series)
2018.04 Australian racecourse locations
2001.095 Australian rock lily -
2005.31 Australian roller (Eurystomus australis) -
2011.242 Australian Story (Australian Gothic)
camera Kevyn Chase
2011.244 Australian Story (Other)
camera Kevyn Chase
2011.243 Australian Story (Wedding)
camera Kevyn Chase
1:0025 Australian wild birds
2017.011 Autobiography
2017.006 Autobiography - Caught in the flood
2017.008 Autobiography - Local train
2017.007 Autobiography - Uncle, Aunty and me
1998.156a-b Automatic for the people (SURF)
1993.373a-i Autoportrait II
1988.062 Autumn evening, Rickett's Point -
1:0865 Autumn in the garden
2009.243 Avion de Terre
2003.162 Awelye Atnwengerrp (Women's ceremony from the Atnwengerrp)
1998.157 Ayers Rock, Limestone Bore, Mt Leibig and Irantji
2006.196 Azalina Othman 1
1993.396 Babae at Bayan (Women and Country) (from 'Cards of life - Women's series')
1999.107 Baby
2017.075 Baby in bonnet and ruffle sleeve dress
2004.172b Baby love (from 'Forced into images' portfolio)
2:0031 Bacchanalian frieze from a vase in the Villa Borghese -
1987.164.014 Back of cottages, Mantaka, NQ (from 'Journeys north' portfolio)
1987.170.014 Back of cottages, Mantaka, NQ (from 'Journeys north' portfolio)
1987.170.002 Back of man's head, Laura Dance Festival, Cape York (from 'Journeys north' portfolio)
1987.164.002 Back of man's head, Laura Dance Festival, Cape York (from 'Journeys north' portfolio)
2003.08 Backdrops II
1987.173.021 Backyard on Sunday, Mooloolabah (from 'Journeys north' portfolio)
1987.167.021 Backyard on Sunday, Mooloolabah (from 'Journeys north' portfolio)
2016.29 Bad dad
2001.101a-c Badtjala woman
2004.041 Badurru in Gunyungmirringa landscape no. 2
2003.202 Badurru in Gunyungmirringa landscape no. 6
2007.259 Baghicho (garden) -
2012.379 Bagu (Firestick figure) (North Queensland rainforest area) -
2:0410 Baigneuse debout a mi jambes (Standing bather, three quarter view)
2008.118 Bait
1987.173.004 Balancing rocks with seascape off Bowen (from 'Journeys north' portfolio)
1987.167.004 Balancing rocks with seascape off Bowen (from 'Journeys north' portfolio)
2011.081 Balcony #2
2011.082 Balcony #3
2011.083 Balcony #4
1:1409 Bali shapes
1984.05 Balinese figures (study)
2000.091 Balls -
1997.069 Ballspine neck chain
2005.023.001 Balmarra 1
2005.023.002 Balmarra 2
2005.023.003 Balmarra 3
2005.023.004 Balmarra, Bullo River
2005.023.006 Balmarra, large boat
2005.023.007 Balmarra, Morning Star
2005.023.008 Balmarra, Seven Sisters
2005.023.005 Balmarra, small boat
2005.023.009 Balmarra, untitled
1983.004 Baluster vase -
2004.162 Bama (The people)
1999.014a Bamboos on North Quay Man with scythe -
1987.162.020 Banana (from 'Journeys north' portfolio)
1987.168.020 Banana (from 'Journeys north' portfolio)
2005.053 Banana garden -
1995.093 Banana leaf
2:0315C.002 Bando Mitsugoro III as Kio Shinzaemon (right-hand panel of diptych) -
2:0292C Banking at 4000 feet (from the set 'Building aircraft', in 'The efforts', the first part of 'The Great War: Britain's efforts and ideals shown in a series of lithographic prints' series)
2:0227 Banks of the Somme
1:0923a Banksia tree cobs
2:0232G Banksia tree, NSW
1985.028.088 Banksias
2:0690 Banquet for no eating
2010.515 Banumbirr (Morning Star pole)
2010.531 Banumbirr (Morning Star pole) -
2010.513 Banumbirr (Morning Star pole)
2010.505 Banumbirr (Morning Star pole)