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Artwork Bracelet this artwork made of Sterling silver with tourmaline inset and leather band, created in 1978-12-31

Bracelet 1979


Artwork Flask this artwork made of Sterling silver shell formed, created in 1980-12-31

Flask 1981

HANSEN, Ragnar -

Artwork Mishima ware bowl this artwork made of Stoneware, thrown Pinjarra Hills red clay incised and with white slip inlay and limestone glaze.  Fired to 1350 degrees Celsius, created in 1980-12-31

Mishima ware bowl 1981


Artwork Vase this artwork made of Stoneware, Bendigo stoneware clay, coil built with oxide underglaze painting and dolomite glaze. Fired to 1290 degrees Celsius in an electric kiln, created in 1979-12-31

Vase 1980

BENWELL, Stephen -

Artwork Tapestry: Rug on floor this artwork made of Wool (tapestry), created in 1980-12-31

Tapestry: Rug on floor 1981

RAMSON, Belinda -

Artwork Brooch. 1K2 this artwork made of Coloured steel, sterling silver, phosphor bronze, created in 1978-12-31

Brooch. 1K2 1979


Artwork Brooch. 1K1 this artwork made of Coloured steel, sterling silver and phosphor bronze, created in 1978-12-31

Brooch. 1K1 c.1979-80


Artwork Armring:  Perth Water V this artwork made of Sterling silver and 18ct gold with beizel set cabochon sapphires, created in 1979-12-31

Armring: Perth Water V 1980

ERICKSON, Dorothy -

Artwork Group of five eggs this artwork made of Hand-built Walker's white earthenware, burnished, sawdust smoked and fired in top-loading gas kiln to 900 degrees Celsius, created in 1979-12-31

Group of five eggs 1980


Artwork Textile portion this artwork made of Silk damask, the cream ground brocaded with a floral pattern in silk, created in 1759-12-31

Textile portion c.1770


Artwork Tea bowls and saucers this artwork made of Porcelain, greyish body and tinted blue glaze decorated with Chantilly spring pattern in cobalt, created in 1774-12-31

Tea bowls and saucers c.1775-80

attrib. to CAUGHLEY, -

Artwork Hanging this artwork made of Red silk ground embroidered with satin stitch in floss silk in polychrome colours and couched metal threads with figures in a procession. Faces painted on silk and applied, created in 1869-12-31

Hanging c.1870-1930


Artwork Tapestry:  Syncopée this artwork made of Wool tapestry, created in 1972-12-31

Tapestry: Syncopée c.1973-74

DELAUNAY, Sonia - Designer; ATELIERS PINTON, - Weaving workshop

Artwork Bowl:  Encroachment this artwork made of Hot-worked clear glass overlaid amethyst and sandblasted, created in 1981-12-31

Bowl: Encroachment 1982

LANGLEY, Warren -

Artwork Vase this artwork made of Yellowish glass cased amethyst and acid-etched with a design of leaves. Pinched trofoil lip., created in 1889-12-31

Vase c.1900

CRISTALLERIE D'EMILE GALLÉ, - Manufacturer; GALLÉ, Emile - Designer

Artwork Table decoration this artwork made of Silver, emu eggs mounted on silver tree ferns on a blue velvet and ebonised wood base. Silver and rope edge and cast figures of a kangaroo and emu, created in 1859-12-31

Table decoration c.1865

JONES, attrib. to Evan -

Artwork Pair of ewers:  Earth and air this artwork made of Hard-paste porcelain elaborately modelled with figures, foliage, animals, birds, etc. after scenes in classic mythology.  Polychrome enamel and gilt, created in 1839-12-31

Pair of ewers: Earth and air c.1850s

MEISSEN, - Manufacturer; KAENDLER, after J.J. - Modeller

Artwork Bowl this artwork made of Stoneware thrown with manganese cobalt slip over chattered decoration and brushed well and rim.  Wood fired and salt glazed, created in 1962-12-31

Bowl c.1965


Artwork Vase this artwork made of Stoneware, decorated in pate sur pate technique with a bird and branches over an incised salt glazed ground, created in 1881-12-31

Vase c.1882-83

DOULTON & CO (Lambeth), - Manufacturer; BARLOW, Florence E. - Decorator; THOMPSON, Minnie G. - Assistant decorator; PARTINGTON, Emily J. - Assistant decorator

Artwork Vase this artwork made of Stoneware, incised with a continuous design of cattle with a farmgirl, rubbed blue and incised with stylised foliage.  Salt glazed, created in 1888-12-31

Vase c.1889-91

DOULTON & CO (Lambeth), - Manufacturer; BARLOW, Hannah B. - Decorator

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