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ARICHI, Yoshito; Space-time 8

Yoshito Arichi was born in Hiroshima Prefecture in 1949. He studied in England and at Nihon University under the surrealist printmaker Yamanobe Yoshio. His elegant, abstract prints on the subjects of space and time feature ellipses, recalling the orbits of stars and planets, set against squares and lozenges suggesting the basic relationships of geometry. The artist uses the smooth and delicate surface achievable by the colour aquatint process as if to emphasize the purity of these concepts. In Space-time 8 however, Arichi contrasts the smoothness with an almost rugged embossing of the unprinted paper in the lower part of the composition. The result is a telling confrontation between the world of theory and the physical world in which the artist works.

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Space-time 8 1979

ARICHI, Yoshito

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