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ELIASSON, Olafur; The cubic structural evolution project

Olafur Eliasson is known for works in which immaterial sensations – such as temperature, light and air – become sculptural elements which viewers experience. He seeks to engage audiences in the physical nature of a work or installation rather than the conventional visual encounter. The cubic structural evolution project is an interactive work in which the audience participates in the construction of a cityscape using white Lego blocks. Eliasson states:

. . . my works in general discuss the notion of a reality being constructed, that ideas such as ‘nature’ or ‘science’ are models for how we perceive reality. So the notions of ‘construction’ and ‘models’ are very present in all my work. I have always put an effort into exposing the way my work has been constructed, so as to suggest that there are not any universal values connected to human experience. Actually I would argue that there is no ‘nature’ but only ‘culture’ and that as we experience so called ‘nature’ we also cultivate or constitute it.

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The cubic structural evolution project 2004


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