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UNKNOWN; Patung Cerita - Fumeripits myth

Creation stories, ancestor figures and recent historic events are the subjects of many carvings created in the Asmat region of Papua. Asmat carvers have long been celebrated for their distinctive ceremonial bisj poles (ancestor poles), wuramon (soul ships) and richly ornamented canoes, created for use in extended feast cycles. Today these works are also created for presentation at the Pesta Budaya Asmat annual festival of Asmat culture. Displaying and selling carvings and weavings at this event not only supports the maintenance of customary practices but also inspires artists to innovate, adapting their works to express aspects of contemporary life.

One such innovation is a new genre of narrative carving. Patun Cerita - Fumeripits myth 2011 is an example of this, telling the story of creation hero Fumeripits, whose drumming brought carved human figures to life, thus creating the Asmat people. Such works allow artists to mobilise the values and beliefs relating to carving and engage with a rapidly changing world, while continuing to achieve balance and harmony.