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HUANG Yong Ping; Ressort

Huang Yong Ping emerged as a key figure in the Chinese avant-garde of the 1980s and has been based in Paris since 1989. Huang is internationally recognised for his allegorical works, which draw on the artistic and philosophical traditions of China and Europe to reflect on new global realities. Chance and fate, conflict and humour inflect his vision of how different societies operate and interact with each other. He reworks architectural and animal forms to create massive sculptures and installations that often reference the history, culture and landscape of the site in which the works are shown.

Ressort 2012 is the latest in a series of large-scale sculptures to depict a snake or dragon, a central symbol in Chinese culture as well as many others around the world. The work plays on different interpretations of the snake, from creation and temptation to wisdom and deception. Symbolically linking sky and water, Ressort (a French word meaning 'spring', but also 'resilience' and 'energy') epitomises Huang Yong Ping's ability to offer an open interpretation while making deep connections to human experience and belief.