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TALLUR, LN; Aurophobia - the fear of gold

LN Tallur's sculptures blend traditional craftsmanship with technology and social critique, combining the organic, the readymade, the industrial and the electronic in a fluent melding of traditional Indian forms and contemporary styles. Tallur's 'Chromatophobia' series conflates the concept of the fear of money with the fear of colour, using the medium of currency and the gold standard to invoke the contradictions of global exchange.

For APT7, Tallur presents two sculptures from 'Chromatophobia'. Nailed to a massive log or set in a lump of concrete, coins figure prominently in these works, which wittily relate the capricious, aspirational and paradoxical characteristics of finance to the legendary personalities of Hindu deities. A new work, Aurophobia - the fear of gold 2012, takes the form of a towering Hindu temple car with references to Australia's gold rush. It invokes a key moment in Australia's history of Asian immigration as well as the cultural and economic significance of gold in both India and Australia.

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Aurophobia - the fear of gold 2012


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