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MOCHU; Cool Memories of Remote Gods...


Mochu’s videos, drawings and writings are inspired by science fiction and Indian art history, and he constantly questions how we perceive reality and represent our visions of future. Working with the lineage of psychedelic art, Cool Memories of Remote Gods 2017 examines the fascination with non-Western cultures in 1960s counterculture; as a member of a younger generation, Mochu follows the hippie trail in India today to find the kitsch and decaying remains of the counterculture’s spiritual journey. Mochu proposes that these remnants of the recent past can teach us about the possibilities for tomorrow.

Throughout Cool Memories of Remote Gods, Mochu uses simple and recurring filmic techniques, stretching parts of the image across the screen or inserting inverted footage. These techniques create altered perspectives, exemplified in the scenes with warping roads or lava flowing from the sky. In this way, things that are usually taken for granted, such as normal earthly conditions, are visually and symbolically upended. What comes into question is whether it is reality or our perception that is askew in these images.