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EMIN, Tracey; I never stopped loving you

I never stopped loving you could be a song title, a line of graffiti or a closing line to a letter. Tracey Emin has mined the promotional, advertising appeal of neon and its garish, slightly tacky quality to 'write' this short paean to lost love.

Since the late 1990s Emin has used neon to emulate the cursive script of her handwriting. This reflects both her confessional, autobiographical texts, and the graphic rhythm of drawing - an activity central to her practice. She has stated that, 'To me drawing is a natural extension of mental creativity, it’s like handwriting. Without drawing I wouldn't really exist'. Text, image and direct communication have been the hallmarks of Emin's work, and her 'tell it like it is' narratives resonate in a manner parallel to pop music lyrics. The work’s simplicity captures the raw honesty to be found in the trials, failures and fantasies of ordinary lives and loves.

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I never stopped loving you 2010

EMIN, Tracey

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