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GUPTA, Shilpa; 24.00.01

In her work, Shilpa Gupta uses a range of common technologies and draws on systems of language – from poetry to public signage – to reveal societal divisions relating to borders, religion, language and censorship. Gupta’s art leads us to inquire how we formulate emotional and intellectual positions in certain contexts, and how these inform definitions and perceptions.

24.00.01 2010–12 uses a mechanised split-flap board, technology once common to busy train stations and airports. Unlike the listings of timetables and destinations that would normally appear on these signs, Gupta constructs a continuing text, which, through brief phrases and transforming sentences, alludes to how we construct relationships and emotions. Without identifying a distinct context or subject, the work subverts both the immediacy and the objectivity of public signage. Layers of subjective meaning build as the narrative slowly tangles and unravels, all the while accompanied by the distinctive sound that once echoed through transit hubs around the world.

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24:00:01 2010-12

GUPTA, Shilpa

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