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Tracy Moffatt, Spirit landscapes, 2013

Coming home makes us see familiar things anew. After 12 years in New York, Tracey Moffatt moved back to Australia in 2010, an experience that informs her most recent body of work, ‘Spirit landscapes’ 2013. Comprising five photographic series and a digital frame, these works address how place and memory intermingle.

‘Spirit landscapes’ relates to this idea in a range of ways, from an out-of-body daydreaming experience in ‘As I lay back on my ancestral land’; bittersweet personal memories in ‘Suburban landscapes’; and postcard-perfect visions of a mission town in ‘Picturesque Cherbourg’. The haunted triptychs of ‘Night spirits’ contrast with the heroic landscapes of ‘Pioneer dreaming’, while In and out is created from a series of ‘snapshots’ Moffatt took in a mining town. When taken as a whole, this group variously explores how we inhabit, and are inhabited by, certain places.