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ANDRADE TUDELA, Armando; Camion

Since 2000 Peruvian-born artist Armando Andrade Tudela has lived and worked in European cities including London, Maastricht, St Etienne and Berlin. Andrade Tudela's exploration of themes of displacement has been prompted by both his itinerancy and interest in processes of cultural assimilation.

Camion 2003 is from a phase in Andrade Tudela's practice when he first exhibited outside Peru with works exploring Latin American 'everyday' modernist forms and their reception elsewhere. The work comprises 60 35mm slides, each documenting a truck seen by the artist on his numerous road trips on Peruvian highways. It documents the phenomenon of truck owners in Peru painting abstract murals onto their vehicles. Designs appear to draw on references ranging from 1970s graphic design to corporate logos. European audiences are likely to see in them the legacy of geometric abstract painting characterised by artists such as Kenneth Noland, Frank Stella or Ellsworth Kelly. Contemporary re-evaluations of modernist histories explore modernist ideas and aesthetics as they've developed outside Europe and the United States; here Andrade Tudela points to the many overlapping histories through which images are generated, translated and interpreted.

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Camion 2003


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